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  • Date of Decision:9/19/2017 Reg.No:4222-2016

    Criticism of the Police Authority for forcing a person apprehended due to intoxication to provide their identification, without having had support for it

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  • Date of Decision:9/15/2017 Reg.No:4898-2016

    The Parliamentary Ombudsmen directs severe criticism towards the Municipal Board of Storfors municipality for not promptly processing a case on treatment assistance

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  • Date of Decision:9/14/2017 Reg.No:2807-2017

    The Administrative Court of Appeal in Sundsvall decided upon a judgement during a deliberation to end a patient’s psychiatric compulsory treatment. The judgement was not announced until the following day. In the decision, the Parliamentary Ombudsmen direc

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  • Date of Decision:9/13/2017 Reg.No:6178-2015

    Criticism of the Social Welfare Board in Karlstad municipality for neglecting to structure the care of a child pursuant to the Care of Young Persons Act (LVU) regulations that aims to benefit a child’s relationship to a parent

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  • Date of Decision:9/12/2017 Reg.No:2565-2016

    Criticism of the Social Welfare Board in Säter’s municipality for not administrating an investigation on child welfare within the period of four months, pursuant to Chapter 11, section 2 of the Social Services Act

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  • Date of Decision:9/11/2017 Reg.No:172-2016

    Criticism of the Upper-Secondary School Committee in Huddinge municipality for infringing an employee’s right to the freedom of speech

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  • Date of Decision:7/27/2017 Reg.No:803-2017

    Severe criticism of Försäkringskassan for slow processing in cases on insurance affiliation and child benefits

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    R.S. applied for child benefits on the 4th of February 2016. On the 18th of March 2016, he also handed in information regarding the investigation of his wife M.S.’s case on insurance affiliation. Försäkringskassan did not initiate the case on insurance affiliation until four and a half month had passed. M.S. received insurance affiliation in Sweden on the 18th of August 2016 but it was not until the 6th of February 2017 that Försäkringskassan took a decision on R.S.’s case. The Parliamentary Ombudsmen notes that Försäkringskassan’s slow processing was not due to difficulties in obtaining documents from a foreign country, which the Parliamentary Ombudsmen has recognized in previous cases, but due to Försäkringskassan’s own lack of initiative.