International activities 2017/18

Bild på olika nationsflaggor Photographer: JO

One of the overall objectives of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen's activities is to promote the international dissemination of the idea of judicial control through independent Ombudsman institutions.

To achieve this objective, the Parliamentary Ombudsmen must, as far as possible, receive individuals and delegations wishing to visit the Parliamentary Ombudsmen to receive information on their activities and also participate in international contexts and provide information on their activities, and exchange knowledge and experience with, and support, foreign Ombudsman institutions.

In relation to this objective, the Parliamentary Ombudsmen have conducted the following activities, among others, during the year.

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen have received 19 visits. One of the visits was from the Baltic and Nordic Ombudsman institutions, when the Parliamentary Ombudsmen hosted the Baltic Nordic Ombudsmen annual meeting in October 2017. At the meeting, which lasted for two days, topics of common interest were discussed, such as best practices for inspection activities, human rights in daily work and the role of the Ombudsman in the legislative process.

Another, longer visit, which lasted one week in April 2018, was from the Ombudsman institution in the Ukraine (The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights). An employee of the institution was a Parliamentary Ombudsmen intern in the framework of the Swedish Institute's Peer Shadowing for individuals who participate in the Institute's education programmes. During the visit, which had a special focus on supervision of asylum cases and how the Parliamentary Ombudsmen work in practice, the employee followed the work of a rapporteur on migration and police matters. One day was also dedicated to the Opcat unit's work. Visits were also made to the Migration Agency's detention facility in Märsta. The visitor also gained some insight into the work of the administrative unit, and the Parliamentary Ombudsmen's employees received information on the work methods of the Ukrainian Ombudsman.

The parliamentary ombudsmen and officials of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen also participated actively in foreign conferences and seminars. Among others, Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman Elisabeth Rynning, Parliamentary Ombudsman Cecilia Renfors and Head of Division Charlotte Håkansson participated in November 2017 in the workshop of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) and the Dutch Ombudsman in The Hague on cases initiated at the Ombudsman's initiative.

Finally, Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman Elisabeth Rynning and International Co-ordination Director Charlotte De Geer Fällman participated in a workshop in Tallinn on the theme of Human Rights in the Digital Age, arranged by IOI and the Attorney General in Estonia. They also participated in the European Ombudsman Conference in Brussels for Ombudsmen in the framework of the European Network of Ombudsmen. The conference concerned, among others, the issue of the Ombudsmen's presence in social media.

Updated 12/19/2016