The Ombudsmen

There are four Parliamentary Ombudsmen and they are appointed directly by the Riksdag (parliament). They are elected for a four-year period and can be reelected.

Bild på de fyra justitieombudsmännen Photographer: JOChief Parliamentary Ombudsman Elisabeth Rynning, Parliamentary Ombudsman Lars Lindström Parliamentary Ombudsman Cecilia Renfors and Parliamentary Ombudsman Thomas Norling. Photo: Pernille Tofte.

One of the Ombudsmen has the title of Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman and is responsible for administration, deciding, for instance, which areas of responsibility are to be allocated to the other Ombudsmen. However, he or she cannot ’intervene’ in another Ombudsman’s inquiry or adjudication. Each Ombudsman has a direct individual responsibility to the Riksdag for his or her actions.

Each of the four Ombudsmen is responsible for a supervisory area comprising a number of public authorities.

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Updated 4/20/2018