Calender on international visits and activities

For more information regarding the office of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen's international activities please contact the International Coordinating Director Charlotte De Geer Fällman,, phone +46 8 786 50 85.


  • On November 24 consular officials from the Brittish embassy, the Canadian embassy, the US embassy, the embassy of Australia and the embassy of New Zealand will visit the office of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen to take part in information on the procesing of complaints
  • On October 26 the European Network of Ombudsmen will hold a video conference to, among other things, examine the future role of the European Ombudsman 
  • Courtesy visit by the intenden Ambassador of Thailand on October 7
  • On September 23 the ENNHRI and the Public Defender of Georgia will host a digital webinar on the topic: ”On-site monitoring of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities during Covid-19”
  • Visit by the Ombudsman and Vice Ombudsman of Poland on September 9
  • On May 12 the European Ombudsman will host a video conference on the current and future challenges that the European ombudsmen face due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Visit by an advisor from the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe on January 22 


  • Visit by a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Law of the National Autonomous University of Mexico on December 5
  • Visit by a delegation from the Eastern Partnership Parliament with representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine and Belarus on November 29
  • Visit by the Chancellor of Justice of Estonia and the Mobility Programme for Public Administration on November 26 to 28 
  • Visit by a Chinese delegation from the All-China Women's Federation on November 12 
  • Visit by a Chinese delegation from the Jiangsu province on October 25
  • Visit by a delegation from the Human Rights Commission of Cambodia on October 21 
  • Visit by six European judges from district courts in Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, France, Hungary and Rumania on October 15 
  • Visit by one judge from the Supreme Adminstrative Court of Lithuania, arranged by ACA Europe, on October 14 
  • Visit by the Centre National de la Fonction Territoriale of France on September 20
  • Visit by a Chinese delegation from the Assets Supervision and Adminsitrative Commission of the State Council on September 17 
  • Visit by a delegation from Indonesia from the Supervisory Board of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia on September 3 
  • Visit by a South Korean delegation from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission's Institutional Improvment Bureau on September 2 
  • Visit by the ambassador of Japan on August 28 
  • Visit by a delegation from the Ministry of Home Affairs of Vietnam, the Office of Vietnam National Assembly and the Vietnam Government on August 27 
  • Visit by the Swedish ambassador to Afghanistan on August 21 
  • Visit by the Ombudsman of the Republic of Serbia on August 20 
  • Visit by China's Inspector’s office of the Central Commission for Dicipline Inspection of the CPC at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and members of the CPC Leadership Group of MIIT on June 24
  • Visit by the South Korean Gyeongsangnam-do provincial government on June 14
  • Visit by the State Audit Administrative Control Bureau (SAACB) of the State of Palestine on June 12
  • Visit by the Ombudsman of Guatemala (el Procurador de Derechos Humanos), in collaboration with Sida, on May 17 
  • Visit by the South Korean National Police Agency on April 29
  • Visit by the Equal Oppertunities Commission of Uganda on April 12 
  • Visit by the Standing Police Monitoring Committee of Belgium by the Deputy Director General and the Commissioner Auditor of the Investigation Department on April 9
  • Visit by a delegation from Myanmar, arranged by the Folke Bernadotte Academy, on March 21
  • Visit by the Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman of Turkey on March 7 
  • Visit by the Ombudsman of Poland on February 8 
  • Visit from Russia and Lithuania, by representatives in collaboration with the Civil Rights Defenders, on February 5
  • Visit by the ambassador of Spain on January 25
  • Visit by the ambassador of Egypt on January 17 
Updated 1/15/2020