This web site supports the use of BrowseAloud – speech and reading support tools

What is BrowseAloud?

BrowseAloud is free software that reads web pages out loud. It can help anyone who has difficulty reading on-line, including people with mild visual impairments, low literacy, English as a second language, or learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. 

What does BrowseAloud do? 

  • Reads web pages aloud in a natural-sounding voice.
  • Reads PDF and Word documents in their original format.
  • Highlights each word as it is spoken to show you where you are on the page.
  • Magnifies text to your chosen font size and font style.
  • Converts text to MP3.
  • Masks information on the screen to help you focus on a particular area.
  • You have control over the voice, word pronunciations and speech highlighting.


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Updated 5/10/2016