Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman since 2021. 


Erik Nymansson started his position as Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman on October 1, 2021. His previous employment was at the Supreme Administrative Court where he has been appointed Justice since 2010. Prior to that he held the position of Head of the Administrative and Legal Department at the Ministry of Finance. Erik Nymansson has also been a Special Inquiry Investigator in several governmental investigations and a member of the Judges Proposal Board. 

Area of responsibility

  • Administrative courts.
  • The Armed Forces and other cases pertaining to the Ministry of Defence and its subordinate agencies which do not fall within other areas of responsibility; the National Fortifications Agency, the Coast Guard, the Civil Contingencies Agency.
  • Health and medical care as well as dental care and pharmaceuticals; forensic medicine agencies, forensic psychology agencies; protection from infection.
  • The school system (including pre-school activities and school welfare); higher education (including the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, not including the Police Academy); student finance; The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs; other cases pertaining to the Ministry of Education and agencies subordinate to it which do not fall within other areas of responsibility.
  • Income and property tax, Value Added tax, fiscal control, with the exception, however, of the Taxation Authorities Criminal Investigation Units as laid down in the Act on The Taxation Authority’s Crime Fighting Activities; Tax collection.
  • Excise duties and price-regulating fees, road tax and congestion charges; service charges; national registration (including cases concerning names); other cases pertaining to the Ministry of Finance and its subordinate agencies which do not fall within other areas of responsibility.
  • Public procurement; the implementation of the system of choice in the public sector, consumer protection, marketing, price and competition within industry and commerce; cases concerning limited companies and partnerships, trade names, trade registers, patents, trademarks, registered designs; other cases pertaining to agencies subordinate to the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation which do not fall within other areas of responsibility. The Agency for Public Management; the National Financial Management Authority; the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, the National Appeals Board, the National Claims Adjustment Board; the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, the Arbitration Board on Certain Social Security Issues; the National Property Board; the National Government Employee Pensions Board, the National Pensions and Group Life Insurance Board; the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Accounting Standards Board, Supervisory Board of Public Accountants, The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate; the National Institute of Economic Research; Statistics Sweden; the National Disciplinary Offense Board. The Equality Ombudsman; the Board against Discrimination, the Swedish Gender Equality Agency, The National Electrical Safety Board, the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, the Swedish Energy Agency, Svenska Kraftnät.
  • Cases that do not fall within the ambit of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen; documents containing unspecified complaints.
  • The OPCAT unit.
Last updated at 2023-04-15