The Ombudsmen’s supervision cover

  • Government agencies (including courts of law and administrative courts)
  • Local government agencies
  • Officials employed by the state or by local government
  • Others who are entrusted to exercise public authority (exercising public authority involves the use of official powers to decide about a benefit, a right, an obligation, disciplinary punishment or some other comparable situation)

Who can I not complain about?

  • The government or an individual minister
  • Members of the Riksdag (parliament)
  • Members of local councils or county councils
  • Parliamentary Ombudsmen
  • The Chancellor of Justice
  • State-owned companies and foundations (unless the complaint concerns exercising public authority [see above], or the treatment of a request for a document in the public domain from the company or foundation)
  • Local government owned companies and foundations (same as state-owned companies, see above)
  • Newspapers, radio and television companies
  • Banks, insurance companies
  • Lawyers and doctors in private practice
  • Private companies 
Last updated at 2023-03-24