Parliamentary Ombudsman since 2019.

Area of responsibility

  • Courts of law, The Labour Court; Ground Rent and Rent Tribunals; The National Courts Administration.
  • Prisons and probation services, the National Prison and Probation Board and probation boards.
  • The National Legal Aid Authority and National Legal Aid Board, the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority, the Council on Legislation; , the Authority for Privacy Inspection, the Bar Association, petitions for mercy submitted to the Ministry of Justice; other cases pertaining to the Ministry of Justice and its subordinate agencies that do not fall within other areas of responsibility.
  • Cases concerning guardianship (i.a. Chief Guardians and Chief Guardian Committees).
  • The Enforcement Authority.
  • Planning and building, land survey and cartography agencies.
  • Environmental protection and public health; the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency; the Chemicals Agency; other cases pertaining to the Ministry of the Environment and its subordinate agencies, car breaking. Agriculture and forestry, land acquisition; reindeer breeding; the Sami Parliament; prevention of cruelty to animals, animal protection (not including Police Authority matters);  hunting, fishing, veterinary services; food control.