Submissions from the Parliamentary Ombudsmen

Supplementary provision 9.17.5

Each individual Parliamentary Ombudsman may make submissions to the Riksdag on account of an issue which has arisen in their supervisory activities. Further provisions concerning such submissions are laid down in the Act with Instructions for the Parliamentary Ombudsmen (1986:765).


The Parliamentary Ombudsmen

Organisation and responsibilities of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen

Art. 2. The Riksdag elects Ombudsmen under Chapter 13, Article 6 of the Instrument of Government to supervise the application of laws and other statutes in public activities.

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen shall be four in number, one Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman and three Parliamentary Ombudsmen. The Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman shall act as administrative director and shall determine the main focus of the Ombudsmen’s activities. The Riksdag may in addition elect one or more Deputy Ombudsmen. A Deputy Ombudsman shall have held office previously as a Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The Committee on the Constitution’s conferral with the Ombudsmen

Supplementary provision 13.2.1

The Committee on the Constitution shall confer with a Parliamentary Ombudsman on working procedures and other matters of an organisational nature, either on its own initiative, or at the request of one of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen.

Election of Ombudsmen

Art. 3. The Parliamentary Ombudsmen and Deputy Ombudsmen are elected individually. When an Ombudsman is elected by secret ballot, the same procedure is applied as for the election of Speakers.

A Parliamentary Ombudsman is elected for the period from the date of his or her election, or a later date as determined by the Riksdag, until a new election has been held in the fourth year thereafter and the person then elected has assumed office. The election shall never be valid beyond the end of that year.

A Deputy Ombudsman is elected for a period of two years from the date of his or her election, or a later date determined by the Riksdag.

Preparation of election of Ombudsmen

Supplementary provision 13.3.1

The Committee on the Constitution shall prepare the election of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen or Deputy Ombudsmen.

Removal from office of Ombudsmen

Art. 4. In response to a proposal from the Committee on the Constitution, the Riksdag may remove an Ombudsman or Deputy Ombudsman from office who has forfeited the confidence of the Riksdag.

If a Parliamentary Ombudsman retires ahead of time, the Riksdag shall elect a successor without delay to serve for a new four-year period.


Art. 24. Prosecution of officials listed below in respect of offences committed in the exercise of their assignment or employment may be decided:

  1. only by the Committee on Finance in the case of prosecution of a member of the General Council of the Riksbank or a member of the Executive Board of the Riksbank; and
  2. only by the Committee on the Constitution in the case of prosecution of a member of the Riksdag Board, the Election Review Board or the Riksdag Appeals Board, or one of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen, of one of the Auditors General or of the Secretary-General of the Riksdag.

The provisions laid down in paragraph one concerning prosecution of a member of the Executive Board of the Riksbank shall not apply in respect of an offence committed in the exercise of the Riksbank’s decision-making powers under the Act on Exchange Control and Regulation of Credit (SFS 1992:1602).

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