The Parliamentary Ombudsmen regularly inspects public authorities and courts in Sweden. During an inspection one of the ombudsmen and their staff members review files and other documents.

They meet the senior administrators and public officials of the authority and continuously discuss matters during the inspection. An inspection is concluded with a report from the ombudsman to the management of the authority listing errors or shortcomings that may have been noted during the inspection, and the measures needed to remedy them.

Issues that could not be resolved during an inspection may result in a new inquiry launched on the ombudsman’s own initiative.

National Preventive Mechanism – NPM

As from 1 July 2011 the Parliamentary Ombudsmen have a special unit – the OPCAT unit – which task is to monitor that individuals deprived of their liberty are not exposed to cruel, inhumane or other degrading treatment or punishment.

The OPCAT unit of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen, regularly inspects places in Sweden where individuals, deprived of their liberty, are being held, the unit reports on the visits and takes part in international cooperation in this area.

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Last updated at 2023-04-16