Personal data submitted to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen (JO) in a case, or which has been obtained from, for example, a government agency that is the subject of a complaint, is processed via the electronic case management system of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen. This system consists of electronic files in which registration information and electronic documents are registered.

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen’s financial administrative system processes information regarding suppliers, reference persons and others. Information can also be processed in the Parliamentary Ombudmen’s e-mail system. The term ”personal data” refers to names, addresses, real property designations and other information that can be related back to a given natural person.

This personal data is processed to enable the Parliamentary Ombudsmen to handle matters in compliance with the Act on Instructions for the Parliamentary Ombudsmen, and to enable that authority to comply with agreements, to honour its obligations as a public authority, and to perform tasks in the interest of the public (Article 6. 1 b, c and e of the EU General Data Protection Regulation). The information is disposed of, which means it is removed and destroyed, according to the document handling plan for the Parliamentary Ombudsmen. Documents in supervisory matters are generally not disposed of.

Personal data is released to the person filing the complaint, as well as to the civil servants and government authorities who are the subjects of the complaint. Personal data is also released to the mass media in accordance with the principle of public access to official records.

Rights of the data subject

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen is required, upon any person’s application, to disclose the personal data that is being processed in the office of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen regarding the applicant (abstract of registration entries). The General Data Protection Regulation also provides that an applicant is entitled to request that a rectification of the data be made, and, under certain circumstances, even a deletion of information. A data subject is also entitled to complain to the supervisory authority, the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, if that person is of the opinion that the information had been processed in violation of applicable rules.

Data processor and data protection officer

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen are legally responsible for how personal data is processed. Charlotte De Geer Fällman is the Parliamentary Ombudsmen’s data protection officer.


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