Parliamentary Ombudsman since 2019.

JO Per Lennerberant Fotograf: Foto: Pernille Tofte

Area of responsibility

  • Public prosecutors; the Swedish Economic Crime Authority; The Taxation Authority’s Criminal Investigation Units as laid down in the Act on the The Taxation Authority’s Crime Fighting Activities. 
  • The Police Authority. The Swedish Commission on Security and Integrity Protection, security guards. 
  • Customs authorities.
  • Communications (public enterprises, highways, traffic, driving licences, vehicle registration, disabled transport services, roadworthiness testing, electronic commuication). Streets (snow clearance, tarmac), moving of vehicles.
  • The Swedish Arts Council; The National Heritage Board; The National Archives; museums and libraries: The Swedish Broadcasting Authority; local authority music schools, and other similar agencies that are not included within the obligatory school systems; other cases pertaining to the Ministry of Culture and agencies subordinate to it.
  • Municipal administration not covered by special regulations.
  • Cases involving aliens, not including, however, cases heard by migration courts; citizenship issues.
  • Rescue services, applications of the regulations relating to public order; lotteries and gambling, licences to serve food or drink.
  • Other cases dealt with by the County Administrative Boards that do not fall within other areas of responsibility.
  • Housing and accommodation (supply of accommodation, home adaptation grants, accommodation allowances not included in the social insurance scheme); the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.
  • Cemeteries and burials, government grants to religious denominations.
  • Government activities outside Sweden; the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency; the National Board of Trade; the Swedish Institute; other cases pertaining to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and agencies subordinate to it.
  • The Riksdag Board of Administration, the Riksbank, the National Audit Board; general elections. Cases pertaining to the Prime Minister’s Office and agencies subordinate to it which cannot be allocated to the areas of responsibility to which they pertain from the point of view of their subject matter.
  • Other cases which do not fall within areas of responsibility 1–3.

Last updated at 2023-03-24