Administrative Court in Karlstad is criticised, in one case severely, for the slow processing of two tax cases. Also statements on the court’s processing times generally in so-called general cases

The Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman directs criticism, in one case severe criticism, towards the Administrative Court for its slow processing of two tax cases. The processing time amounted to just over three years and one year and eight months respectively.

According to the Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman, tax cases in particular, but also social insurance cases, generally took too long to process in the period reported on by the Administrative Court. The Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman views it positively that the court is actively working to shorten processing times generally and to decide old tax cases. At the same time, both turnaround times and the number of pending cases increased during the first few months of the year. It is also of concern to the Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman that the court’s forecast of improved processing times depends on being able to successfully attract competent staff to the court, something which has been difficult in the past.

The decision is submitted to the Parliament, the Government and the National Courts Administration for information.

Date of decision: 2023-11-20