Criticism against the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, the correctional facility Sagsjön, for not providing an inmate with information before a shared placement

An inmate with confidential personal data was not informed that she would be sharing a cell nor was she allowed an opportunity to comment on this. JO is critical of this and finds that the correctional facility deviated from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s procedures for shared placement. She emphasises the importance of complying with these procedures and that the facility documents, among other things, the opinion of the inmate and how one reasoned before deciding on a shared placement. JO also feels that the inmate should have been given a chance to go over her belongings and put away documents that contained sensitive information before she was going to share a cell. When an inmate has confidential personal data there is, according to JO, reason to make special considerations when deciding whether or not it is suitable for this inmate to share a cell.

Date of decision: 2023-10-30