Criticism against the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, the Mariefred correctional facility, for not offering inmates a sufficient amount of time outdoors in connection with a decision on isolation, against the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Sollentuna remand centre, for allowing an inmate to be placed in a cell without a bed or a table, as well as for other inadequacies.

An inmate has filed a complaint stating that he was not given the option spending one hour outdoors in connection with several placements in isolation. JO wants to emphasise that being offered one hour outdoors per day is a basic right that inmates can only be denied if there are extraordinary circumstances. Based on the investigation into the matter, she finds that the Mariefred correctional facility has been under the incorrect assumption that this right does not apply when an inmate is placed in isolation. According to JO, this is very serious and one must assume that due to the staff’s lack of knowledge, inmates have had limited options to spend time outdoors. JO criticises the correctional facility and assumes that the routines have now been reviewed so that time outdoors in connection with isolation is now offered to a greater extent.

Date of decision: 2023-09-14