Criticism against the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, the Ystad corrections facility, for placing an inmate in isolation and not allowing them to be examined by a doctor etc.

A female inmate with psychiatric problems was on multiple occasions placed in isolation due to a risk to the safety of her life and health. In the decision, the correctional facility Ystad is criticised for not allowing the inmate to be examined by a doctor during these occasions, in accordance with the provisions in Chapter 6, Section 10 of the Act on Imprisonment. Furthermore, the correctional facility is criticized for repeated inadequacies in reporting, among other things in regards to a doctor’s assessment after such an examination and when the inmate had been placed in an accommodation room with limited equipment. Also included in this decision is the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s lack of places for female inmates with mental illness and poor mental health.

Date of decision: 2023-10-26