Criticism of the Individuals’ Board in Ulricehamn municipality because a headteacher decided to offer preschool without delegated powers from the board

Children over the age of one year must be offered preschool to the extent necessary in view of, among other things, their parents’ gainful employment and the child’s own needs. In a statement to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, a municipal board stated that it had determined that headteachers can make decisions on preschool offers without the board delegating decision-making powers.

There are no provisions which give headteachers the right to take decisions on preschool offers. Under the Education Act, it is rather the child’s home municipality that is responsible for the child receiving a preschool offer, and that municipality also makes the offer. The Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman concludes that questions relating to the preschool offer must therefore be examined by the responsible board. This includes the board delegating decision-making powers if it wants headteachers to take such decisions. The board is criticised for not having ensured that decisions were taken by authorised decision-makers.

Date of decision: 2023-11-29