Statements regarding a municipality setting a requirement of e-identification to support proposals from residents in the municipality; also an issue of the framework of JO’s supervision of municipal activities

In its decision, JO makes a statement on the fact that a municipality sets a requirement of the need of e-identification to support proposals from inhabitants in the municipality, so called Nybroförslag (Nybro proposal). JO states that it is a basic requirement that routines and guidelines implemented by a public authority must comply with the general principle of objectivity in the Swedish constitution, moreover public authorities must be accessible to private citizens who are inexperienced with or distrusts digital services.

According to JO, there may be reason for the municipal board to consider actions that make it possible for private citizens who cannot or do not want to use e-identification to support Nybro proposals.

In its decision, JO also discusses the issue of the framework for JO’s supervision of municipal activity.

When a private citizen visited the public service office to support a Nybro proposal, he did not receive the help he needed to protect his interests. JO criticises the municipal board for this.

Date of decision: 2023-09-26