Statements on matters such as the obligation to state reasons and party status in decisions on proposals for the allocation of certain research grants

Region Skåne receives government funding to reimburse for the costs incurred by healthcare services when their resources are used for clinical research. Lund University proposes to the region how the funds should be allocated. A researcher at the university complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman that his research team had been denied access to resources financed by the funds in question, with no reasons given by the university.

The Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman is of the opinion that the procedure for allocating the funds is much more similar to an employer’s management decision than, for example, to an authority’s processing of applications for benefits regulated by public law. According to the Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman, this means that the university’s decision on the proposed allocation of the funds has not affected anyone’s situation in the manner required for the university to have been obliged to justify the decision.

Date of decision: 2022-06-22